Camp G-1

Camp G-1, meaning God first, is Church of the Holy Resurrection's day camp for children ages 5-12 years old.

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1400 Cedar Swamp Road, Brookville, NY
Minister Leader
John Carter

About the ministry

As a way to grow our Parish's Faith, Family and Fellowship initiative, the Church of the Holy Resurrection presents our day-camp entitled, CAMP G-1. Our ministry team has worked very hard to focus their efforts on making God the beginning and foundation of everything they do. This is why the camp has been named, CAMP G-1 - God First. When we place God in the first position of our lives and the lives of our children, our relationships, our families, and our friendships are strengthened and enriched. By participating in CAMP G-1, your children will be afforded the opportunity to deepen their love for God, forge new and lasting friendships, and begin to transform their lives.

CAMP G-1 is a three-tiered ministry that is intended for children ages 5-12 years old. Our GOYA kids, ages 13-17, are able to serve as Counselors-in-Training(C-I-Ts) while our Young adults, ages 18 and older, serve as our camp counselors!  

A typical day at camp is 9:30am-2pm and includes rotations of Orthodox Life, Arts&Crafts, Music&Greek Culture, a lunch break with free-time and a daily fun afternoon activity with all age groups!

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Minister Day
Minister Hour
Ministry Location
1400 Cedar Swamp Road, Brookville, NY
Ministry Leader
Emily Dimitriou

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