Let's build a brighter future together.

Through the power of faith, love, and hope, we will secure a brighter future for our Holy Resurrection families, especially our most precious children.

A long held dream of our church families

Did you know that the vision for our Expansion Project began over 10 years ago? Our church families foresaw our need for a larger church to support our Faith, Family, and Fellowship.

Our History

The time to meet our growth is now

Did you know our family at Holy Resurrection has grown 92% since 2005? Our growth is palpable - you can feel it when Divine Liturgy is standing room only, and you can hear it by the countless number of children's voices that fill our halls. God has blessed us with a community that is bursting at the seams, and our Expansion Project is our answer to God's call.

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Take a 3D Tour of Our Church

Our project is more than a building...

It's about believing together

Faith is what brings us all together before God as His family, especially during Sunday worship.

It's about transforming together

God wants nothing more for us than to be transformed and to transform the world around us.

It's about growing together

Our church families grow and become stronger when we build lasting relationships between them.

It's a place where we all belong

It is our firm hope to create a safe, loving, and supportive environment that we can call our home.

Join us in building a brighter future together